Connect your Exchange Account

In order to trade crypto on your TokenBot account or become a TokenBot Expert, you’ll need to connect your exchange and Telegram account.

Step 1: Create an account at TokenBot.

Step 2: Create API keys from your current crypto exchange.

Step 3: Select one or multiple exchanges you wish to connect.

Step 4: Enter your API Key and Private Key and click “Test Connection” to confirm.

Step 5: Connect your TokenBot account to Telegram. From the home page, click on Telegram to launch the Oauth login, which will require the phone number used to register your telegram account.

Step 6: Confirm Telegram request.

You are now ready to conveniently and seamlessly trade crypto, and share your trades in real-time across your social Groups and channels.

Looking to Mirror or Auto-Trade an expert? Checkout Joe Saz’s Live Trading Channel.

Happy Trading!


Anthony — Co-Founder, TokenBot



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